The March-April issue of Semper Fi, the Magazine of the Marine Corps League, examines some of the most pressing institutional and cultural challenges facing the United States Marine Corps. These challenges are of keen interest to our client, the Marine Corps League.

As if downsizing and belt-tightening as a result of planned budget cuts and sequestration-enforced cutbacks were not enough, the Corps is also grappling with suicide, post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, hazing, sexual assaults, how to integrate women into previously off-limits combat roles and increasing its diversity.

But Marines thrive on challenge — “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome” being almost as much of a mantra as “Semper Fidelis” — and they are exploring a wide array of approaches to find their way forward.

Speaking of budget cuts, February’s Marine West Expo sponsored by the League made it clear to defense suppliers that, like the Corps itself, they would have to watch costs while innovating ever lighter and more versatile equipment. Despite the budget issues, the Marines remain “America’s 911 force.”

The new issue also reports on Grand Rapids, Mich., the host city for the League’s 90th National Convention in August. The city boasts a variety of outdoor recreation as well as a vibrant arts scene; in fact, Men’s Journal recently declared that “Few cities anywhere do more to support creativity than Michigan’s second-largest metropolis.”

[For nearly a decade, Hammock has been honored to assist our friends at the Marine Corps League in publishing their award-winning magazine. For samples of covers and editorial features in issues since 2007, visit the Hammock Portfolio on Flickr.]