Along with “Semper Fidelis,” “Devil Dog” and “OORAH,” one of the U.S. Marine Corps’ traditional mantras has been “improvise, adapt and overcome.” The Marines have prided themselves on being the tip of America’s spear, which means hitting first, hitting fast and encountering the unexpected and unplanned for. Tough to do, but an unbroken string of successful amphibious assaults going back to the Revolutionary War speaks for their ability to make do.

Their talents are being tested again as deep funding cuts triggered by sequestration force the Marines, and the rest of the Department of Defense, to delay, scale back and scrap equipment updates, training programs and other operational necessities.

The September/October issue of Semper Fi, the official magazine of our client, the Marine Corps League, takes an in-depth look at how these cuts are affecting the Corps today, and what that may spell for the future. In the months to come, Semper Fi will continue to update readers about this fluid and delicate situation so vital to our security.

Turns out not all Marines are humans—the September/October issue reports on the dedication of a monument to SSgt. Reckless, a tough, dedicated Manchurian mare that served in the Korean War carrying ordnance and other materials for Marines. No delicate filly, SSgt. Reckless carried out missions under fire and was wounded twice, but recovered. “She was no horse, she was a Marine!”

Other articles include first-person accounts of the terrible battle for Guadalcanal and of the early days of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of its on-the-ground press team.