Daughters of the American Revolution recently launched a new Facebook page for its magazine, American Spirit. Hammock has been a proud publications partner with DAR for more than 14 years, and we’re excited about this new way of interacting with our loyal and engaged audience.

The new page helps readers interact with other readers, receive updates on the latest issue and discover behind-the-scenes details of how stories were crafted.

Ever wonder what goes into the decision-making process of choosing a cover? Curious to dive deeper into the history of the U.S. Mint, the New York Stock Exchange, the National Archives and other American institutions? The Facebook page features tantalizing story tidbits that might not have fit on the printed page.

The page encourages readers to express what they enjoy most about American Spirit magazine, whether it’s the articles on notable as well as lesser-known figures from American history, coverage of historic events, explorations of uniquely American experiences or the preservation of historic homes and places.

In addition to posts and photos, the site features special tabs that make subscriptions easy. The Services tab offers information on domestic and foreign rates, and the Shop tab enables the secure purchase of an online subscription.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of American Spirit or just want to learn more about history, preservation and genealogy, follow along with a “Like” here.