Last night, Hammock Publishing participated in the 13th Annual Corporate Spelling Bee, a fund raiser for the Nashville Adult Literacy Council. As many of you’ll remember, Team Hammock (represented by Carrie Wakeford, Bill Hudgins and me, Lena Basha) took home the big championship trophy last year after an awe-inspiring performance.
We got just as many oohs and aahs from the audience this year, amazed at our precision and cheetah-like reflexes when prompted to spell words like inveigle, colloquy and lornette lorgnette, but fell a touch short of first place. Yeah, we didn’t realize kookaburra was spelled with two Os either, but that’s OK.
Congratulations to the fine folks (and exceptional spellers, I might add) at Waller, Landsen, Dortch and Davis, the winners of this year’s spelling bee, and thank you to the Nashville Adult Literacy Council for their gracious hospitality (and free gifts!) and the opportunity to participate in such a fun event.