The crew at Hammock Inc. is an environmentally-friendly one. We recycle. We eat locally. We volunteer for organizations that take good care of our planet.
So when one of our vendors, partners or clients takes a step in the same direction, we just have to give them a pat on the back and a heartfelt thanks! Today, that “thank you” and “congratulations” go to Brown Printing Company of Waseca, Minn.!

Brown recently received SoySeal Certification from the American Soybean Association at their Waseca and East Coast ink facilities. That means Brown is using stringent amounts of soy and vegetable oils, adding to the high standards they already have in place for the inks they use on our print products. Brown’s ink facilities manufacture inks that contain no heavy metals, are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and are composed of bio-derived renewable resources.
Will readers see a difference in our print products? Not at all. But they can rest assured that we will continue to partner with other companies that love our Mother Earth as much as we do.