tmobileWhen it introduced its first generation of smartphones, T-Mobile faced a challenge that seems like ancient history today: How to help its customers discover apps for doing just about everything. Here’s how they did it.

Smartphone apps are ubiquitous today, but when T-Mobile introduced its first smartphone, the myTouch, it realized that customers needed assistance in finding apps that would allow them to turn their cell phone into a hand-held magical source of utility and entertainment.

In addition to including helpful information in the packaging and on the smartphone itself, T-Mobile found that using customer media in the form of a print magazine and catalog that connected print with the mobile web would support customers after the sale, leading to greater satisfaction.

The use of QR codes enabled new myTouch 3G owners to discover and download free and paid apps from the Google app store. Distribution of the publications was broadened to include T-Mobile customers who were not yet smartphone owners, leading to increased sales and usage. T-Mobile ultimately used the magazines in a major direct mail and in-store promotion campaign.

To add impact to the publication and increase pick-up rates in issues distributed at T-Mobile locations, the magazine featured celebrities who were appearing in T-Mobile promotions.