SourceTrust, a division of HealthTrust, is a leader in the specialized field of providing custom contracting solutions to hospital clients for medical devices. It helps hospitals develop efficient sourcing practices, while fulfilling the treatment needs of physicians and their patients.

sourcetrustThe challenge to find such balance in a purchasing strategy is daunting. Surging procedure demand, the proliferation of high-priced medical devices, an environment of declining reimbursements and physician autonomy in choosing medical devices all combine to make managing costs more and more complex.

Making a presentation for the services that SourceTrust can provide hospitals required something more than a conventional deck of PowerPoint slides. SourceTrust executives recognized the need for a sales approach that is both consultative and educational—and free from the boredom of wordy slides.

As such presentations can be shared in settings ranging from one-on-one with a surgeon scrubbing in before an operation to large 100+ attendee seminars, SourceTrust sought a visually driven approach that works as effectively on an iPad as on a theater-sized projection screen.

SourceTrust has replaced selling with a presentation approach that seeks to establish and grow a collaborative, teaching, learning and knowledge-sharing relationship both before and after the sale.