hs-wikiDuring the past decade, HealthStream has grown from a startup into the leading platform for online training, connecting the creators of such training courseware with more than 3 million healthcare professionals. Today, HealthStream continues to differentiate itself from competitors by adding unique features, tools, and content to its platform, all designed to provide healthcare training decision makers with the information they need to select the best training to meet their unique needs or approach.

HealthStream views its role as more than merely facilitating the purchase of courses. It views its role as the platform with which hospital executives can serve their patients, healthcare providers and administrative staffs more effectively and with greater efficiency.

While their clients (most of the nation’s major hospitals) may be able to access the same training products from other sources, HealthStream is able to provide unique recommendation features and unique custom data, designed to assist the hospital in making better talent management decisions.

As part of the ongoing development of its platform, HealthStream has created, with support from Hammock, a unique wiki-modeled resource that already provides insight into the relationship between training needs and available courses that are related to such needs. Soon, data collected through the use of a wiki and other HealthStream resources will help point hospital personnel to the specific training courses that individual employees will find most helpful in becoming competent at a specific task.

HealthStream doesn’t merely provide its customer hospitals access to a catalog of third-party publisher training courses — it also provides a growing array of data and content-driven tools that help its customers become more efficient at their jobs, help train their staffs better and — the most important objective –provide better care to their patients.