30353537653_9af4ea5633_oHammock Healthcare Media is a specialized team that assists in the research, strategy, development and on-going support of healthcare company media and content.sarah-cannon-ipad

We serve many well-known companies in the for-profit hospital management and healthcare service indus
tries. Our work for these companies ranges from the management of print and digital magazines and newsletters that are customized to individual hospitals in a 75+ hospital network to the creation of one of the largest wiki-model knowledge management products in the healthcare industry.

We develop and manage large-scale content management and distribution strategies that include daily news, email marketing and social media engagement programs.

30353544333_d246b9ea23_o-2The audiences our clients serve range from patients to C-suite executives to physicians and other healthcare providers.

The network of healthcare writers, producers, photographers, researchers, strategists and other creators Hammock Healthcare Media has built over
the past 25 years enables us to develop healthcare content that helps our clients fulfill the wellness, fitness, preventive and nutritional objectives of their patient-focused media and content strategy.