H2U (Health to You) provides wellness solutions that offer motivation, expert advice, trusted information and a supportive community to encourage adults to take charge of their health. H2U solutions are implemented by healthcare providers, employers and other organizations seeking comprehensive wellness solutions and onsite health centers where individuals can access resources needed to live better, longer.

H2U’s services enable hospitals and other organizations to provide wellness services to and build deeper relationships with individuals in their communities. H2U also¬†helps employers lower healthcare costs with managed programs that encourage healthy lifestyles among their employees. H2U’s health and wellness media are part of a total engagement strategy that can help control healthcare costs and save lives by promoting healthier lifestyles.

h2uH2U understood early (it started more than three decades ago) that the best way to support healthy lifestyles was by engaging adults through an integrated approach that involves wellness communications, onsite services and support activities. H2U currently provides hundreds of managed or affiliated programs that touch the lives of individuals in 45 states.

As part of these wellness and healthy living activities, H2U publishes a national magazine and e-newsletter filled with motivational and informative articles, how-tos, recipes, and a wide range of tips for healthy living.

Additionally, local affiliated programs are able to tap into a service that enables them to distribute a monthly print newsletter with similar content to the magazine, as well as the opportunity to customize the publication with local calendars, information, and articles.

Online, H2U provides healthcare motivation, health assessments, and information through helpful blogs that local programs can also customize.