As with nearly every facet of the marketing world, the internet has greatly changed the opportunities and tools available to research professionals seeking to discover the needs, wants and preferences of their customers. 20|20 has been at the forefront of developing such web-based platforms that market researchers can use to conduct in-depth qualitative research online.

Recognizing that its existing clients–market research professionals for some of the world’s most recognizable brands–were in need of a resource for keeping up with rapidly changing advancements and opportunities in their field, 20|20 has repositioned its core promise around the customer message: “Helping you do better research.” Today, 20|20 encourages leaders throughout its industry to view the company as a resource for teaching and learning.

The development and launch of media and content to support this new approach include a broad array of what Hammock calls “know” content (industry data, definitions, glossaries, and how-tos) and “flow” content (up-to-the-moment news and information). Additionally, the strategy utilizes the communications skills and leadership reputation of the company’s founder and CEO, who produces a steady stream of insightful posts and reports that complement a series of professional ebooks the company distributes to clients and potential clients.

20|20 is not only creating the technical platforms and approaches its clients need in a changing marketplace, but it’s also “helping them do better research.” By doing that, it is helping create relationships that meet the challenges of the future and help define the future of qualitative market research.