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No doubt, you have a quick and easy answer to anyone who asks, “What does your company do?” “We sell sprockets,” you answer. See, that was easy.

And it’s likely you have a ready response for, “How does your company do that better than the competition?” “We have more experience, superior products, better service and lower prices than other sprocket companies.” Again, easy.

But what’s your answer to the question, “Why does your company exist?” Knowing the answer to that question can be the key to becoming a great company, says Simon Senik, author of the book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

Simon Senki’s TedX presentation on video.

If you’re one of the 9.7 million people who have watched Senik’s TEDx presentation, you’ll understand the importance of the question.

The answer to “why does you company exist” shouldn’t be “to make money,” says Senik. Money can be the result of why you exist, but not the why if you want to maximize your opportunity for greatness, he explains. Most companies start with the what and how and never get around to the why. But the great ones start with honest and heartfelt answers to “Why?”, Senik says. Such companies never manipulate; they inspire. Their customers don’t support them because they have to; they do so because they want to.

At Hammock, our “what” is creating customer media and content. And our “how” is a long list of things we’d love to bore you with.

But all that’s important is the why: We love helping companies break down the walls that keep them from connecting with customers. We love helping them discover how customers are people, not demographics, and that long-term success hinges on the quality of the relationships with those people.

That’s our why.

What’s yours?

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