The Hammock Idea Ebook Series is a companion to our popular twice-monthly e-newsletters for marketers and business leaders: Hammock Idea Email and Healthcare Idea Email. Click on a cover to download an Idea Ebook.

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-17-00-amHammock Healthcare Idea Ebook Series: A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Enduring Customer Relationships

Book 1: Using Content to Support Sales to Healthcare Providers

Superior marketing content plays a powerful role in influencing healthcare leaders. Explore the challenges of reaching multiple decision makers across a long sales cycle, approaches to developing a sound content strategy, and how to ensure your efforts are effective. (Download Free)


Hammock  Idea Ebook: Customer Media Series

Outcome Marketing: Using direct-to-customer media and content to build long-term marketing relationships

Learn about a powerful form of marketing that doesn’t focus on products, services or features. Instead, outcome marketing focuses on the goals that customers want to reach when they purchase products. (Download Free)



Content Along the Customer Journey

Unlike traditional advertising where the focus is on the initial sale of a product, a smart customer media and content solution can play an important role throughout the relationship between marketer and customer. (Download Free)